The first foundation on which I built my business and on which I base my art is freedom. I want to be free from ties with the political games, I want to be free to create and express my vision without falling into categories. Too many times, since the years in school, we feel the pressure of belonging to a group, being recognized, being accepted. When I finally understood that what makes me, is me, is when I started flying higher. When I realized that who I am is my strength, my uniqueness, I made the decision to be free and pursue only my dreams and my vision. I encourage you to make the decision of being free too. Don’t let others slave you into thinking that the only way to make it is by belonging, by uniforming your way to behave, create, operate. You are who you are and that makes you special. Not always you will be understood, not everyone will like you but staying true to yourself you will find a space in the world and people who will appreciate you. Remember, while you ascend to keep your open mind and to let others be part of your dream, don’t shut your doors and don’t keep the rest of the world out. Also remember that many people will tell you that you can’t fly alone, that you need your flock to rise, and while that is partially true, you only need your wings, your strength, your hard work, your determination and your goal destination to get there. Many will call you a fool, they will judge, they will laugh at your failures, they will despite your successes but the only person you respond to is yourself. So be free. Be free to create, to love, to grow, to nourish your inner creative, and remember that freedom is not given from others, freedom is something you take.

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