Chasing Stone Styling Mats: why I love them.

I have always been a perfectionist and when it comes to choosing the best quality products to produce outstanding imagery for my clients, I do not compromise.

I only work with the best industry partners so that I can deliver the best service while also enjoy the process and make it flawless and all about art.

This is why, I was the most excited to try out, what has become quickly, one of my new favorite styling mats: Chasing Stone!

My brides and grooms choose me not only for the quality of my images, my dedication and devotion to my art, but also the attention to details when it comes to styling flat-lays. Yes, because it takes a lot more than just pretty invitation suites to create those Pinterest worthy photographs.

Styling with the right props, combine the right textures, colors, materials is one of the secrets behind a show stopping image that can tell a story.

Chasing stone mats are textured styling surfaces, that combine the benefit of being flat surfaces on which styling your details, to the portability very advantageous when you are a traveling photographer like me.

Every color story starts as a firsthand experience and they're texturally reminiscent of crumbling stone and weathered plaster.

I personally, love this deep green "cloud forest", inspired by the beautiful jungle of Puntarenas, Costa Rica and in the photos you can see how amazingly can be used to style flat-lays and lifestyle imagery.

Like some of the best things in life start as a journey, these mats will transport you on a luxury travel into styling unique pieces of art that will wow your clients and elevate your artistry. The attention to details and the convenient and incredible well crafted linen carrier-bag is just the icing on the cake and will make you look stylish and well put together even on the most on-the-go wedding days.

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