The new year just begun but I already can not get over the gorgeous inspiring weddings we photographed. I decided to put together 5 inspiration boards for you to dream on and get inspired for your wedding.

There are some classics but also some unexpected combinations of colors that will make your creative mind spin!

Take a pick and happy planning!

First up we see a pretty beautiful ensemble of blush, pinks and greens. This color combo is one of my absolute favorite, and call my girly girl but how can we deny the old romantic elegance of this duo?!

I had a book when I was a kid, and it was the story of Snow White, the book cover was all Light Green and the rest of the image was dominantly on the blush side. I guess, it impressed me so much that I have a particular attraction for this wedding color palette.

Next we have a pretty unexpected combination of reds and white/ivory all tied together with greenery. This very organic color palette is perfect for a summer wedding, especially if you are not the girly girl gal like above. If you want the "wow" factor, think out of the box and don't let bold colors scare you, as long as you pair them with softer hues and more neutral undertones.

Nest up we have a modern classic! Soft pastel blue hues match perfectly with ivory and white tones creating a very romantic and clean look. There's something about soft blues that reminds me of fairy tales but not as much as green and pinks together. I feel that pastel blues, lavander and ivory work really nicely during summer weddings because they feel cooler, they just give the impression of a breezy summer day.

Bold burgundy and purples are the next inspiration. Only for the trend setters and the couples who aren't afraid of creating a unique style that will let their guests talk for ever. Definitely not an usual combination, but surely something that can set the mood for a more winter wedding or an edgy, yet elegant look.

Last but not least the ultimate classic: mauve and blush paired with gold. It is probably the safest color palette and most definitely one of the most used all over the world. Many brides growing up dreamed of a blush and gold decor for their wedding and when the time comes, they bring their dream to life. It is definitely a safe choice, and surely a really pretty one to photograph.

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