It’s time to celebrate your newly engaged status with the first of the many parties to be thrown in your honor: the engagement party. Tradition dictates that is the bride’s parents that must host the official celebration, then the grooms’ parents can throw their own party, or both sets of parents can join together and cohost an event. Nowadays, lots of couples are throwing the party themselves, and sometimes even friends host the fete too, but before you ask keep in mind the financial implication. Typically, the party falls within a few months of the proposal, right in that time between carefree, just engaged life and the start of the serious wedding planning. You’ll want to give your guests about a month notice. Speaking of guests, it used to be that you weren’t supposed to invite anyone to the engagement party whom you weren’t inviting to your wedding, and for the most part is still the same way, but there are some exceptions. Now that so many couples live and or host their nuptials far away from their families and friends, and more informal engagement parties are becoming popular, engagement parties often include people who aren’t invited to the wedding. For example, if you live in Los Angels, but most of your friends and family lives in New York, and you decide to host your engagement party in Los Angeles, you may invite more people who you are not planning on inviting to the wedding. Be mindful, that if instead you’d like to have the same people to your wedding as well, it may not be fare to ask them to travel twice. Another thing to keep in mind is that when a guest receive an engagement party invitation, he/she immediately consider themselves part of the official wedding. To avoid sticky situation later, choose your bridal party and have your guests list loosely mapped put, before you send engagement party invitations. Feel free to keep your invites simple, make them yourselves, or even send them by email. If you chosen your invitation designer already, maybe ask them to create a special engagement party design for these invites too. Don’t worry if you haven’t chosen a color palette yet, your engagement party invitations don’t need to match the stationery pieces of your wedding. Also, if you find yourself stressing out about this, remind yourself that this kind of party is not your wedding, so you don’t need to go over and beyond to match the decor and style of it with the one of your wedding.


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