Travel has always been one of my great loves, and I am lucky to be a destination wedding photographer, because I get to travel the world while doing one of my other great loves (photography).

But let’s be real for a minute, the process of getting to your final destination isn’t always the most fun. Airplanes are cramped, cold and crowded, making air travel an often unpleasant necessity in order to get from point A to point B.

But what if I told you it didn’t have to be? That even if you are flying coach you can pack a few things that will turn your stressful flight into a relaxing “me time”. Today I’m sharing what I pack with me in order to keep my time in the air stress free.

No.. I am not talking destination wedding stuff, nope, I'm not talking about equipment or similar, just a girly chat to make our modern life much more enjoyable!

Whether you are flying nationally or internationally when packing for a flight you are usually allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item, but today I’m chatting about that precious personal item you are allowed to stow under your seat. My personal item is almost always my favorite purse of the moment, tomorrow I am flying with a Spanish brand "Desigual" that I love very much and has a ton of different zippers and compartments.. Also is a gift from my mom and sister so I love it even more!

Basically it’s the perfect size to fit all my travel necessities while still fitting within the the standard airline allowed dimensions.

But what exactly do I fill my handbag with? Here are 4 things you need to bring to make the most of your flight:

1. A good book or your favorite magazine.

Depending on what airline you are flying with, there’s bound to be at least some amount of time when electronics are required to be powered off. Why not make the most of this time by bringing along a new book? I always loved reading as a kid, but as an adult it’s sometimes hard to find the time to actually sit down and read. Being thousands of feet in the air with no cell phone service is the best excuse to curl up with that book you’ve been wanting to read! Or personally I love to flip pages of coated and glamorous magazines, they inspire me and my work so much and I often don't have time for that kind of pleasure.

2. Pretty pouches to keep things organized.

Organization is everything when traveling! You really don't want to drive yourself bananas trying to find your passport in the never ending bottom of your purse or worry about losing important items such as your favorite lip-gloss, and mirror.... :)

I really focus on trying to keep everything organized when traveling. I always have 3-4 different multi pocket organizer and I divide documents, credit cards, make-up, etc..

3. Hydration boosters.

Airplanes' air is so dry and can leave your skin majorly dehydrated. While I always try to bring along some moisturizer and lip products, the best way to keep your skin hydrated is by drinking plenty of water. I always stuck up with water and healthy juices, after walking through security.

4. All the warm things.

Planes are notoriously cold and feeling chilled mid-flight is sure to make flying a less enjoyable experience. Along with wearing a pretty scarf, I like to bring along a pair of cozy socks – especially since toes are one of the first things that will start to feel cold.

The rest of my bag is filled with the everyday necessities that I typically carry on a daily basis: A small card case, my glasses and a pen. Oh, and of course I always bring my iPhone and a pair of headphones to listen to music or watch in-flight entertainment if it is available. But by staying hydrated, warm, organized and entertained you are well on your way to actually enjoying those hours spent in transit.

Do you guys have any tips to enjoy your flights? Any tips and tricks to share? Let me know :)

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