When it comes time to plan your engagement session with your photographer, this is the time really show off what’s so great about your fiancé! There’s no reason you need to feel like these photos should look like everyone else’s. Why not take this time to create a story and give an insight to what really makes the two of you, YOU!

Nichole and Ryan's engagement rocked my world.

They wanted a stylish session, with fun and less of the formal posing and I said "heck yes"! Who said that a glamorous engagement session can't be fun?

Once you have picked out the location think about what activities you can do. If you’re shooting in a park or maybe bring a bike or a picnic set up. When you and your fiancé are focusing on an activity it will help you forget the camera is even there and be yourself!

Adding a prop will be a great way to really showcase the story you’re trying to tell in your final images. Some of my favorite shoots have been when my couples get all dressed up and bring a bicycle, or like in this case a paddle board! Don’t over think the props you want to use but you can find a few ideas over here!

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