Here is something I am very passionate about: collaborations.

Since high-school, when a bunch of different tutor from different working environment came to our school and taught us how to build a resume, and we played a lot of those business games to find out the leading roles, build trust, etc.. I always have been defined very collaborative with a leading tendency.

I brought this skills into my business and I have to say, being a leader is not necessarily my ultimate goal, but collaborating and grow together is definitely my best suit.

Grow a business is not just about booking clients and make money, is also about the people you know and that you associate yourself with, it is also about the liability that you build around yourself by partnering with other entrepreneurs/businesses.

So bottom line, partnerships and collaborations are super important to grow as a business as well as a person. You have seen and you can always see that I partner myself with a lot of different other businesses and I find that incredibly beneficial for my business, because it creates a positive wheel of opportunities and increments my visibility, my knowledge, and ultimately my sales.

But how to collaborate with others?

1. Plan mutually beneficial projects.

When I say projects I don't necessarily mean, huge collaborations with months of planning. Some times even just a couple of hours shooting a product for a certain business can be extremely beneficial for you and the partner. I am a photographer and I, for instance, on a regular basis photograph jewellery for a high-end brand of luxury diamonds rings. When I started my collaboration with them I wasn't getting paid, I reached out and offered to photograph some of their products for them to use the photos for their social media and blog, etc, and for me to have a whole bunch of pretty details to showcase on my website. I knew where I was going, because when I started out I wasn't getting the hight-end clients that I wanted, with super huge and stunning diamond rings, so I wanted to build a portfolio of pretty details with a more luxury feel so that I could started attracting the right clientele.

As you can see, the company which I reached out to didn't have anything to lose but everything to gain and at the end of the day both of our businesses where winning.

2. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

That is a given but I know that being the first one to raise the end can be a little frightening.

Don't be shy and don't be afraid to reach out and let other entrepreneurs or businesses know that their product or service can be perfect for you and that by you offering your services in return, you create a mutually beneficial opportunity of collaboration.

Just make sure, though, that you are outlining very well the advantages to work with you and why collaborating will result in a win-win situation.

3. Why you.

This is possibly a little harder, but you need to explain why your skill set can be more appetizing to them, than instead paying someone else to actually just do what they may be interested in. In other words, why shouldn't they just do it themselves?

That's all y'all. Is really that simple. The following pre-written text is for you to customize in your emails body and start collaborating with other fellow entrepreneurs.

Hello ______________

My name is ______________ and I am the owner of ______________ , I found you on / I have been following you on / I've heard about your from ______________ and I have been thinking of something that I wish to share with you.

As ______________ (photographer, baker, florist, etc..), I am very much interested in collaborating with ______________ because it would be extremely beneficial to my business to partner with someone of your talent / such a great brand / a business who sells such amazing products.

From our collaboration both of our business will mutually benefit because:

1. ______________

2. ______________

3. ______________

As you can see is a win-win opportunity that I believe is even more advantageous considering that with my skills / expertise / experience / background in ______________ I can offer you ______________ . Hoping that this may be of interest, I look very much forward to hearing from you.

In the meanwhile have a great day / good weekend / your motto (if you have one).

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