I have photographed Jessica's engagement session, wedding and now her pregnancy and to tell you the truth I am over the moon for joy looking at all these photos.

My idea of maternity sessions is probably a little different from majority of photographers, I believe that a maternity session is not about the belly and the baby inside of it, is about the mom and the beautiful miracle of nature that is happening. For me a maternity session is all about the beauty in the absolutely amazing feminine body, and I want to depict the woman figure as a goddess.

I don't believe in showing a lot of naked skin, because pregnancy can change a lot the body shape of a woman and is very intimate and private so only if mom is ok with it I'd probably play the see-through game but not so much.

I also believe that the pregnancy photos are meant to be intimate and feminine, is not a show and I think the photos have to respect that.

Ultimately, I want my moms to feel like princesses once again, and I encourage them to play with their beautiful dresses, to dance and laugh to be happy and enjoy the freedom of being beautiful and the most powerful force on the earth, about to give life to a new life!

Jessica is a wine club member at The Sunstone Winery and Villa in Saint Ynez and so we decided to photograph her maternity session there. The dress is from Sew Trendy.

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