This 2017 has been an incredible year! Pretty much the first full year of business here in the US, and even to say it I can not help it, I smile :)

I remember 2016 was coming to an end and I wrote my goals on a piece of paper, I thought I was being to ambitious and at times I thought those goals were too much like dreams than realistic possibilities but 2017 came and surprised me with way more abundance than I thought was possible and my heart is grateful and full.

I met an infinite number of amazing people, clients and many became friends. Out of all those meetings and relationships I grow richer in heart and my business bloomed, to the point that I felt I needed to do something, even if small, to give back.

So, one day, speaking with a dear bride of mine, Mandi Mettler, she told me that she was going to attend a charity event for the Children Hospital and I realized that could have been a great time for me, for my business, to do something!

So we offered an engagement session to help raise founds for the cause and along with amazing other sponsors the night event was a success. A few months later the lucky couple who won the engagement session, from the lottery met us and we created a beautiful engagement gallery for them to cherish.

2017 has been and incredible year, and I can not wait to capture a million of more memories for all the people that are already lined up for 2018.

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