I just found out a great feature about our Instagram Bio, that you may already know but that I thinks is SUPER COOL, so if you haven't yet this can be super useful!!!

I'm gonna skip the "how to write the perfect Instagram bio", because you can find all about it here.

I want to share instead how to write an Instagram bio aesthetically appealing, clean and clear to read for your followers!

So I don't know if you have seen some before, but basically there are some great Insta Bio out there, clean, with one topic per line, clear to read and easy to understand! Here some examples:

So.. leaving aside whethere the written contents are useful for the viewer to understand what the instagrammer does, etc let's focus on the layout!!

I mean, is clear, nice and walks your eyes through the page! BOOM Instagram-Bio goal!!!

Well, I did some research and I changed mine from this: where everything is all together and pretty confusing if you will..

to this: clean! clear and pretty self explanatory!

How??? here is the STEP BY STEP! And when you find out how easy it is you'll wonder why you haven't done it before :)

1. RETURN after every line.

If you write your Instagram bio directly on instagram it won't be possible to return after every line you write, so you need to use another text editor. I used "notes app" from my iPhone.

Type your first line (use emojis to add a graphic eye catching bio), and then press "return":

Go ahead like this for the entire bio, pressing the "return" button every time you write a line. Just remember you only have 150 characters available for your bio on Instagram.

Once you're done select the entire paragraph

And copy it

Now open the Instagram app, on your profile and press: "edit profile"

When this following window opens, you're gonna have to insert your bio in the "Bio" space.

By pasting the content you previously wrote.

Now, the paragraph will look messy, because Instagram doens't recognize the "return" feature, but wait and see :) just press "done"

and your bio will look organized and clean!!

Thank you friend for stopping by, I hope this content was useful! If you have any question about this or other topics don't hesitate to ask and if you haven't yet come and join our Facebook group: The Darling Photoboss

where you can share your knowledge or ask any question related with photography or business.

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