No matter what, the wedding day is a stressful day for everyone involved especially the bride and the groom!

As a photographer you have the big responsability to capture the day while it unfolds but there is always that one family member that wants to give you their personal opinion, and suggest what they would do to create the perfect photo, and now all of the sudden you find yourself with a new shot that you have to capture for uncle Tom.

Am I right?

Well, whether this is the first wedding you're shooting or your 100th, there are 5 TIPS that can help you to make your job easier while shooting a wedding. (No - punching uncle Tom in the face is not one of them!)


We all have packages in our price list, that offer one or two photographers, and majority of the couples choose the service with two photographers, however, if I may suggest, I encourage you to have a second photographer with you.

No matter what the size of the wedding is, you're always going to run all over the place to get all of the photos that you want and that the couple have requested.

If you have someone that can do the extras, you can focus on working with the bride and groom!


Whether there is a coordinator or not, make some time to discuss the photography-timeline with your clients. Before the wedding, sit down or call your bride and groom and discuss what is important for them to be capture, if they have any specific tradition that they are going to honor and that you should be aware of.

Furthermore, settle the timeline. Is important that you explain how much time you need to get certain shots taken care of, so that they can organize their day according to that, as well.

If they're working with a wedding planner, don't over power them, but work together to see what time work best for each shot.


Showing up, on the wedding day with no idea of what the wedding venue looks like, is never a good idea. It will make you waste a lot of time.

However, if you can't make some time to walk through the venue with your clients prior to the wedding, or the venue is a destination and you can't see it (obviously) until the day of, or if you already have been to a venue, so is not necessary to scout it again: while you’re shooting the first look, have your 2nd roaming around and photographing the venue while it’s still empty.

There was a lot of time and effort put into getting this day put together. Not only will the bride and groom want to remember what the venue looked like, the vendors love to see their finished product!


One big mistake that can happen to be made (especially in the beginning), is to take for granted that the bride and the groom will let us know who are the people that matters for them to be photographed.

It is our job to ask, prior to the wedding, who are the people that they absolutely want photos of. You can also work with the coordinator, and have them to help you setting up those group photos.

However, is a good general rule to keep your eyes open and make sure to capture the interactions between the people that matters for the clients. It is a very special day (never get tired of saying that), and you want to be sure that your bride and groom can hold onto these memories!


This one is the most obvious and the hardest! :) I've shots a ton of weddings and I still go to bed, the night before, excited and nervous. I am not insicure or afraid, but I still feel the butterfly in my stomac for the excitement. It is partially because I totally love my job, and every wedding for me is almost like opening a gift: you have in your hands and you don't know what to expect when you unwrap :) And partially is because the unknown (and this is human nature) kind of shakes us.

As a matter of fact, being a wedding a real time event, there is a good chance that not everything goes as it was planned.

The important thing to remember is to keep calm. Don't share with your clients if there is anything that is bothering you or that is not working right. If there is anything that frustrated you for one reason or another, fix it. Keep your smile all day long.

It's their day, so just remember what you're doing this for!

If you’re new to shooting weddings or hop here and read about: how to price your wedding photography!

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