Hi my dears,

I've been missing for a while up here :) I went to the South of Italy for a lil work and a lil vacay and I lost track of time!!

Who doesn't lose track of time when is having fun though?

Rise your hand if you're guilty too !

Days went by fast and I've collected a lot of beautiful memories, some of them I actually want to share with you. Like the beauty of Alberobello a little town on the high-heel of Italy where Brian and I spent the day between picturesque views and great food.

We arrived there at sunrise because, the temperature in August can be extreme (we had to deal with 115° for 10 days straight!), it was only a couple of hours away from where we were based and it was just magical to look at the sun showing his golden face from behind the roofs of the little houses that you're about to look at.

They're called Trulli, and if you don't know what a trullo is, it is a round stone-built house with a pointy roof made from limestone. Very quaint and interesting looking, they are built using a prehistoric technique in which the stones are laid on top of one another and no mortar is used. The story goes that they were built this way in order to be easily dismantled when the tax collector came around, but how true this is I have no idea... :)

Found a parking place in the residential old town side, where the residents still live in these quaint homes, we strolled past the Sant'Antonio church and headed for the historic centre I was camera ready, and I walked the streets taking photographs while absorbing the fascinating architecture and atmosphere.

Even if is a very touristic part of the Apulia region I've never been there before and it was amazing to live the touristic life in my first-home-country!

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