Have you ever heard of the expression: we can't direct the wind but we can adjust the sails?

Well' this is kind of the perfect description of what I had to do for Marisa & Tyler engagement session.

We had the entire engagement planned out, they were awesome and one of the most organized couples you can hope to work with! Outfits and props on point, a beautiful bouquet that the bride to be put together herself (how amazing is that??).. basically nothing could have gone wrong. Not true.

We ran into difficulties basically right away - but is an happy ending story, so keep reading.

The bride and the groom called us and they were stuck in traffic due to an accident on the freeway and their navigator was giving them an approximate arrival time of an hour and half later than it was supposed to be (and look, they were coming from super far away so it was not their fault at all!!). So Brian and I, arrived on location and we go for a little walk to make sure that everything is ok and O-M-G the beach where we were supposed to shoot and that we had the permits for was invaded by an enormous amount of people. ..and I mean, we all know that is a variable but that many people was unbelievable.

I was running out of time, and even if I am strong and powerful (ahahha yeah right... I wish), I can't ask the sun to set a little later for me. The people invasion wasn't going to stop and now it was a matter of making a decision quick for the sake of my clients engagement session experience.

Brian looks at me and sais: - what do you want to do babe? Here is not looking good at all, maybe we should cancel and reschedule - . And, if you know me a little, you know that if there is anything that you cannot tell me is "you can't do it". Is like, a little switch flips in my mind and as soon as I hear those words, I get into super woman mood and I do anything to prove the opposite.

So I picked up the phone and I called Marisa & Tyler and I tell them that we have two options: reschedule for another day or trust me and change location without second guessing. They decided to trust me.

We went to El Matador beach and we met them there. She comes out of the car, gorgeous, beautiful with an amazing red dress and Tyler is wearing a super nice tailored grey suit. We start walking down to the beach and we immediately realize that there is high tide and we don't have much time before the shore is completely underwater.

Oh dang, everything is working against me but I keep my smile and I still want my clients to get the best photos for their engagement.

We are walking and a wave comes and literally drags Marisa in the water.

Now you would think this is the end of it.


Obviously the disappointment in her face was heart braking but I can not, and I repeat, I can not, I will not let this ruin their session. I suggest her to shake it off, since she's wet already at this point we'll just play the entire engagement in the water. We'll make it wildly romantic and fun.

God bless their souls, they were super up for the game and even if the sun was going down quickly, I had send and water in places where they shouldn't be, the beach was disappearing quickly in the ocean, we brought home an AMAZING engagement session. An eventful experience that they will never forget but that they will always cherish because of the beautiful photos that came out of it!!! I feel so so so blessed for the amazing people that I get to work with, even more blessed for God's help in all of my difficult times and for never forgetting that photography is an art, and art is not planned or schedule, you need to make it with your heart and just by trusting and having faith you can make great things happen!!!

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