As you guys know, if you follow me, one of the things that I photograph the most (besides weddings) are editorial product shots. I really enjoy spending time styling photos and photograph the result for my clients.

I find myself intrigued with the details, and I always try to tell a story and send a message to the viewer according with my clients' ideas.

I always think about the purpose of photos too, for instance it's key to understand for what media they are designed for! Shooting for a website update is different than shooting for a magazine or shooting for social media stock. These and other factors influence a lot the approach to my work and I make sure that besides "pretty", the communication is clear and effective as vehicle of a message.

Courtney, owner and designer of Cecile's Paper Co, said: I want photos that say romantic, modern and yet classy, clean lines with soft and neutral colors, approachable avant garde and contrasting textures.

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