She asked: "This may seem like a stupid question, but how do you go about doing detail prep shots wherever? Like I just saw some gorgeous shots from [your] website with the wedding dress , and I’ve been wanting to take those shots forever! Does the bride freak when you bring the dress somewhere for the photos?? And how does that fit in to your timeline? Do you take these shots when you first get there?”

Since the beginnin of my career I've been shooting with natural light and the wedding dress is one of the "details" that counts the most! Brides have a lot to think on their wedding day and the least is freaking out about the photographer, so the way I go about this is: instructing my clients in advance. Along the years, I gain trust and when brides choose my work they know they can rely on my experience, so I gain even more freedom and creativity, which allows me to create more artistic shots.

As far as the timeline goes, I go through this prior to the wedding with my bridal couples. I specifically work in 30 minutes prior to the bride getting into her gown just to shoot the details. Would I love more time? Yes, but time is hard to get on a wedding day so 30 minutes is usually the max that I have.

In that 30 minutes, I have it included on the timeline that I will be photographing details like the gown, jewelry, shoes, garter, invitations, programs, etc. Basically, anything that the bride will be wearing and that doesn’t need a person in the shot, I try to do right away. If possible, I like to do the rings at this time too simply because when I’m photographing the couple, I want to maximize that time with them.

This is obviously the only time of the day that I can photograph the gown without the bride in it so that happens right away. If I need to hold off and photograph some of the other details later, that’s fine. When I first arrive at the venue, the gown is my first priority for photographs.

I hope this helps as you try to venture outside the church with the gown!

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