In all these years I never realized how lucky I am to be born in a country so charming and beautiful like Italy. I am like beyond blessed because I've got to spend 27 years of my life there and now I live in another beautiful country that I cherish everything about so so much. The US, more specificly I live in Los Angeles.

However this post is not dedicated to LA, is dedicated to my home country and how beautiful I realize it is. (---> keep reading the story in between the photos).

Growing up, in a little town in the outskirt of Milan I always thought my little world was too small, insignificant, boring and a not worth it. I had a real bad opinion, I mean I appreciated it but I wasn't proud of it. Well, I guess like always in life: we realize how much things are important when we don't have them.

When I was 27 I left Milan and I flew into LA, where I have been living since then. I was happy, I love LA with all my heart and soul, and I am so grateful to this country for welcoming me so warmly, however slowly slowly I started feeling a little homesick and even though, I will never go back to live in Italy, because I like it here so much, I wanted to go home and visit the places where I grow up and I had so many memories.

On March 9th of 2017 I finally had the chance to get on an airplane with my sweet husband, and we flew to Italy, where we visited my friends and family and we had the chance to be turists in my home country :)

It has been quite an experience for me, let me tell you, I never thought I would have said that but I LOVE ITALY, omg-it-is-so-beautiful!!!!

..And the food-is-to-die-for (infact I need to go on a diet now).

What growing up was boring, lame, unexciting it revealed to be awesome!!!! Amazing how perspective can change the way we see things...

Look, all this might sounds obvious to you but I was honestly in shock and to me this is a revelation :)

Anyways, with my new eyes and with Brian's we shot these gorgeous photos of Sirmione, a beautiful town in the north of Italy where you guys should go and get married because it is so romantic!!

I think you will be able to see, the love I felt for this place, where I used to go with my parents during the weekends to excape the city.

I hope you guys enjoyed it, let me know what do you think and if you have ever been to Italy, please share with me your stories and pictures :)

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