Anyone with a stack of business card and a DSLR camera can call him/her-self Wedding Photographer. But we are a lot more than that.

Wedding Photographers are:

1. Entrepreneurs

2. Creators

3. Managers

Now let's see in detail.

To start your business, wether you are a baker, a florist a restaurant owner or a photographer you need to make a plan. Entrepreneurs are those people who think ahead for the long run and set up goals, and walk the steps to achieve the holy graal of a succesfull business (that in terms of mere economy would be a profitable one, but in terms of a more humanized description would be also a fulfilling and empowering environment where success and recognizement comes natural).

A creative mind like ours, needs to be always nourished and is very important, when you start your business, that you keep it always inspired and at work. - Do what you love and you'll never work one day in your life. -

Make sure you never stop improving, you never stop creating. Don't settle.

The worst part is managing your business, at least if you are like me (totally thrown off from math and economy). But guess what? You need to pay your bills so pull your sleves up and get it done.

Now, if you can outsource some of these duties good for you. You most definitely should. It will help you concentrated on what you know how to do best and the entire cycle would be much more productive in the long term but if you can't afford it or you are just starting out then you need to put yourself at work.

Is it hard? Yes! Am I going to give you tips or tricks to make this easier? No! There aren't secret remedies, the truth is: we have to work hard!

Here you can find how to start a Wedding Photography Business!

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