We all start somewhere, and when I started I can guarantee you I made a ton of mistakes and I am glad for each and single one of them.

I cried, I yelled at my walls, I threw my phone across the room, etc etc but I've got back up on my feet and no matter how bad I felt the world was ending I persisted and never accepted a "no" as answer.

But let's get into the topic: what to do to start a wedding photography business.

1. Start creating a portfolio.

Clients won't magically appear by just trusting your good word "I am a wedding photographer". Put together a styled photoshoot. Be aware, they don't need to be crazy expensive to show your photography skills. I actually believe that if you can put together something pretty with little then you win! Less is more.

I started with taking photos of friends, I knock at every possible florist door asking for a free bouquet that I could use in my little, humble photoshoot in exchange of photos and after 99 -No- I've got one -Yes-.

So start like that.

Is going to require time, and patience and don't expect to get it done right here, right now but if you start you're half away towards success.

2. Submit your work to magazines and blogs.

No matter how small your product is, how humble and home-made your portfolio seems to be, submit it to wedding magazines and blogs. Someone, somewhere (if you have worked hard enough), will recognize your value and will possibly publish some of your photos. That leads to recognizement, will improve your self-esteem and will encourage you to do better, ultimately will attract potential clients!

3. Get in touch with other photographers.

There are 2 types of photographers out there that you can get in touch with: your ideal yourself (maybe in a few years), and other hustlers like you at this moment.

I personally, still nowadays that I have a successful business, get together and connect with both!

I am always dreaming for better and I follow and try to learn from my absolute wedding photography gods :) and I stay in touch and open conversations with other pairs who are on the same page with me. All together we grow!

4. Ask other photographers to second shoot for them.

When I started second shooting I worked for free. I don't believe in working without retribution and when I let someone under my wing, I always arrange some kind of money compensation but you got to do what you got to do. So, if you're second shooting for somebody that decided to teach you the job without paying (your payment would be the skills you acquire), maybe could be worth it the effort for a little while.

5. Social Media.

AHAHAH, I'm already laughing because i virtually see everybody eye-brows going up!

Sorry but I'm not sorry. Social media are the future, social media are the most powerful way to communicate with the rest of the world in a such a vast capacity that is not a random casuality if the most successful businesses, work on their social media really hard.

Get that instagram done! Open your facebook page and communicate with your friends, pinterest, youtube tumblr, snapchat, twitter. You don't have to do them all but at least chose 2-3 channels to put yourself out there. Is going to be hard to keep up with all this? YES. Just do it. Or not #I'mnotyourmother

6. Offer your skills in exchance of visibility.

Get in touch with wedding coordinators, shoot them an email asking if they might need a photographer for this or that little job, talk to venues and offer to photograph their property for promotion. They will use your photos on their website in exchange of credits and you get visibility!

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