Engagement sessions could be a great way to rehearse before the wedding day, your clients get in the mood and learn from you so that on the wedding day everything is going to be smooth and flawless, you photographer get the job done and create pieces of art.

Speaking of pieces of art, as in weddings as well in engagement sessions there are few key shots that you don't want to miss, and this are my 5 key shots for engagement session.

1. A moment of laughters

It's beautiful to remember the sound of his/her voice when he/she laught and creating moments of laughters where the couple can laugh together is just priceless, it's also fun and help the couple to feel comfortable and loosen up.

2. A moment of intimate silence

This is my favorite, is romantic enough to be timeless but is not the pick of the iceberg yet, however is an instant in which the entire world seems to hold its breath, is pure magic.

3. A moment of romance

Here we go, now let go on all those kisses. Let the couple release that energy. I like to step a little back and observe the scene like in a movie, living the moment like a dream.

4. A moment of adventure

It's just fun. There is not, not a good reason to have fun.

5. A dramatic moment

This will require concentration. Now your couple knows what to do, they learned from you and you can bring back that silent, quiet atmosphere including a breath-taking background.

In this post I'm not going to go over how I obtain these moods from my clients and in my photographs but I wanted to explain why this 5 shots are so important.

I said in previous blog posts that engagement sessions have to tell some sort of story, so if you can capture these moments then you will naturally be able to create a story-line with your photographs. Spreading these shots in between establishing shots and details will create a beautiful collection that will be timeless and unforgettable for your clients.

Thanks to Megan & Patrick, I can't wait for your wedding!

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