Many times I've seen engagement sessions that are a disorganic collection of photos that don't tell any story.

Engagement sessions, instead are meant to tell a little about the couple, they need to be a good experience documented with images.

I've been asked what is my secret shots list for engagement sessions and I hope you'll be ready because is very INTENSE:

- Establishing shots

- Groom Portraits

- Bride Portraits

- Bride & Groom together

:) Are you smiling yet? Yep, that's it. There is nothing complicated about my shot list and is everything but secret.

You want to photograph establishing shots because they will help to contextualize the photoshoot, where is happening and what is happening. Then you take portraits of different kinds (close up for details, life style type to show off the outfits and compare the human figure with your environment, ecc) of both your bride and your groom by themselves.

Is a good exercise for them to learn posing prior the wedding day and is a good way for you to brake the ice.

Last take a lot of photographs of your couple together: if you want to learn which are the 5 best shots that you want to have for your engagement session, click on the link.

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