The engagement ring and the wedding bands are one of the most important details of your wedding. They are the symbol of the union between you and your partner and they represent the infinite with their circular shape.

Now, can you guess why you want to make sure your photographer takes proper photographs of them? You and your partner dedicated nights and days talking about your wedding bands, looking around, shopping and chosing the best for you two, nevertheless our boys spend a lot of time to find the perfect engagement ring for their princess.


The proper way to photograph your engagement and wedding bands is to give them the importance that they deserve.

3 shots are needed:

- her engagement ring and wedding band

- his wedding band

- his and her wedding band (with or without her engagement ring)


The best way to photograph these pieces of art is to use a Macro Lense 100mm, with which you are able to capture the smallest details enhancing the sparkles and the fractions of the diamonds, separating the rings from the entire foreground and background. It is a very powerful lense that will focus extremely well on the ring and will softly smooth the rest of the photo out.


Position your rings next to a window to take advantage of the beautiful natural light and display your props taking in consideration the mood, the color theme and the style of the wedding.


Keep your composition clean and centered on your details, the "messier" the photograph looks, the less your ring-shot will look editorial.

For more tips on how to photograph props and detailsyou may want to take a look at this video!

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