Let's be clear: your photographs are the only thing (besides your rings of course :) ) that you would be able to look at, after your wedding.

I have been a wedding photographer for 10 years (10th anniversary in 2017!!!) but I have been a bride too (only 5 months ago) and I can promise you: your wedding day is going to fly so fast that later you'll need to sit down and be able to go over all your memories again, one by one in order to remember all the little moments, and to look at all the bts that happened while you were getting ready, the candids, etc.

I feel that there is need to specify certain criteria that can make a photographer certainly, a good wedding photographer. Otherwise why rely on a professional?

1. First and foremost: Is your wedding photographer insured?

Most of us don't think about it until a venue asks for it (and not all the venue ask), but it is very important that your photographer has a Liability Insurance current and up to date, in case something happens during your wedding day. If, (God forbidden) one of the guest trips in one of the photographer's pieces of equipment and get injured or if one of the pieces of equipment sets on fire (I'm being dramatic) and the entire venue burns down and your photographer does not have insurance you are going to be in trouble. Ask your photographer Proof of Liability up front!

2. What equipment does he/she uses?

This might sound obvious but I ensure you is not!

Not everybody eats, drinks, dreams and breathes photography. A reliable wedding photographer owns is own equipment and takes care of its periodical maintenance. I'm not saying that who rents his/her gear is not a good photographer! I rent extra pieces, every now and then myself (for instance if I have a big, long wedding with a lot of different locations, lighting conditions, etc. and I need extras for any eventuality), but it is self explanatory that rentals aren't under the constant supervision of the photographer.

3. Will he/she give you all your photos edited?

Ok, at this point you noticed I'm going straight to the points and here it is another strike. I have a pretty strong opinion about this: photographers who offer you to photograph your event and then make you to go thtough the process of chosing your photos and edit only some of them or who ask you to pay for all the extra photos that you want edited aren't good professionals.

Yeah, yeah I know. Now the fire is on! Bring it on though because I am extremely animated about this: when you go to the restaurant the waiter doesn't ask you for what ingredients you want to be cooked, he offer you a menu and when you chose your meal, it comes perfectly yummy, warm and pretty on your table!

..And just to clarify the difference between "edited" and "retouched". Edited includes color correction and basic fixing and should always be included in final images if you are working with anyone claiming to be a professional. Retouching is detailed photoshop work (removing people from the background, body alteration, etc), and if you are choosing a good photographer you should ask for it, too,

There are a ton of different business models out there, I'm aware but I believe that a professional should not be called so, if he/she does not provide those services, and yeah, that might means that his/her prices have to be raised but guess what?! They are offering a better experience, and an absolute greater customer service.

So, when you meet your photographer ask about these details and make sure that your agreement is also written on the contract.

4. Is his/her website showing full galleries?

As photographers, we have (or should have) a good idea of what visual marketing is. So, we know how to make you like our work by showcasing only what is best. I am all about marketing and I am the first one saying: - dig-in photographers! Show case just your best! - However, I believe that clients should be able to look at our full galleries. So, make sure your photographer's website showcases the best work but it also shocases a section in which you can look at full galleries.

5. Is his/her work consistent?

Take a look at the over all feel of the photos of the photographer of your choice and make sure you don't see an extremely great, beautiful project and then one that is just ok, and one that you don't think is photographed as well, and then another good one. You want to like the 85%, (if not 100% of what you see). That way you'll know it is a good match!

I hope you guys this was helpful, if you want to know more about how to chose the best photographer you can take a look at: "How to spot the right wedding photography"!

I hope you guys this was helpful, if you want to know more about how to chose the best photographer you can take a look at: "How to spot the right wedding photography"!

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