If you own a business or if you just like those goreous and glamorous table top of cute cookies, flowers, shoes and stuff that are so popular on everybody's instagram, facebook, blogs, etc then you definitely want to watch this video in which I give you my 3 key tips to shoot table tops and product shots with your phone.

After you watch the video make sure to keep reading because there are more interesting secrets that you want to learn and become a pro!

"The rule of odds" Rule of Odds states that having an odd number of objects in an image will be more interesting and therefore pleasing. In case there is an even number of objects, your brain would have an easy time "organizing" the objects into pairs and therefore bringing in symmetry and dullness. If you have one main object, accompany it with two supporting objects, not one. This way, one of them will be a middle one.

"Play with angles"

As you take photos, go for unusual angles. We recommend playing around with getting close ups and look for unique points of view that tells a story. You never know what angle will end up revealing the most impressive or attractive tale, so test different options. Do keep in mind that you still want to accurately reflect your products size, shape and quality to ensure sales and customer satisfaction.

"FIlters are so last year"

Nowadays everyone is taking photos on their phones and using various filters to appear more stylized. While this is fun when showing off a night out with friends, it is not great for product photography. Filters, when noticed (and they often will be noticed) may make your customers question your product quality and trust in your representation. Keeping it clean and simple is the best way to go.

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